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Butterfly the 'Most'
There are more than 240 butterfly species in Hong Kong, each species has its own unique colour, appearance, form; different living habits, preferences, and characters can also be found on different species. All species have their own species self-defense method and way of living. Let's us introduce 11 butterfly the 'most'.

The most hopeful butterfly - Red-base Jezebel (Delias pasithoe)  

Appearance: The mainly black wings are decorated with bright yellow and red. Very eye-catching!

Characteristics: Appears after autumn arrives, and most abundant in spring. When you see them flying among flowering bushes, you will know that spring is here. The name, colour and habits of the Red-base Jezebel all remind people of springtime, bringing people joy and hope and youthful vigour.

The toughest butterfly - Blue-spotted Crow (Euploea midamus)

Appearance: The brown on its under-wing may seem ordinary. But on the upper side, once it spreads its wings, is glittering metallic blue.

Characteristics: Winter is the end of life for many butterflies. Blue-spotted Crow is one of the few local butterflies that can survive winter. Before the chill weather arrives, they will stay gather and keep warm on the trees in a large group. They become active again when spring returns. The species shows us that even creatures as fragile as butterflies can withstand a harsh environment.

The most cunning butterfly - Common Mime (Chilasa clytia) 

Appearance: This species has clytia and dissimilis forms. The wings of the clytia form are mainly black, while those of the dissimilis form have white marks. Both forms have a row of orange marks along the margins of their hindwings.

Characteristics: Other members of their family fly swiftly; Common Mime, however, are slow flyers. It seems they do not fear their predators. Yet this is not because they are bold; instead they are cunning. While they are still pupae, they mimic parts of tree branches; when they mature into adult butterflies, they pretend to be poisonous tigers and crows. They look and even fly like tigers and crows so much that their enemies mistake them for the poisonous butterflies.

The butterfly with an ego - Large Faun (Faunis eumeus)

Appearance: The wings are brown with a broad, slanting orange yellow band on top. The underside of the wings is decorated with pattern of a string of pearls. With its bluish eyes, the butterfly is ladylike.

Characteristics: Large Faun does not like the company of other butterflies. It is often alone in the forest, particularly in dark corners. It also dislikes nectar, instead sipping on fruit juice, especially from rotten fruits. It is rather self-centred and has unique tastes.

The mighty butterfly - Golden Birdwing(Troides aeacus)


Appearance: The forewings are black while the hindwings are bright yellow. Its body is bright red and yellow, which is unusual among butterflies.

Characteristics: Golden Birdwing is the largest butterfly in Hong Kong. It likes to glide against the sky, and shows its mighty power. It is also special as one of the only two butterfly species that are under legal protection in Hong Kong.

The most impatient butterfly - Punchinello(Zemeros flegyas)

Appearance: The wings are in brown and covered with white dots.

Characteristics: In general, butterflies lay their wings flat when at rest. Yet Punchinello is an exception, with its wings half open and half closed when it stops flying, always appearing as if ready to take flight. It never stands still; even when perched on a leaf, it will frequently turn around to observe its surroundings. When another Punchinello passes by, it will follow as if to have a chat.

The gluttonous butterfly - Red Lacewing (Cethosia bibles)

Appearance: The wings are orange red or greyish green in colour. The hindwings have a serrated margin, like a laced dress. The lacing, upon closer observation, resembles a choir faces. An interesting pattern indeed.

Characteristics: The caterpillars have great appetites. A couples of caterpillars can eat a large leaf within seconds. The adults are more choosy, constantly flying swiftly among flowers, and stopping to sip on nectar once they find their target.

The most calculating butterfly - Common Tiger (Danaus genutia)

Appearance: The wings are orange with black marks. The pupae are orgeous — translucent as jade, with a golden line on the surface.

Characteristics: The orange-red and black wings make them look like tigers; the pattern scares potential predators. But of course, they are not as fierce as tigers! The calculating butterflies feed on toxic plants from the time they are caterpillars, and store the poison in their bodies in order to deter their predators.

The butterfly with the greatest endurance - Orange Oakleaf(Kallima inachus)  

© Matthew Sin

Appearance: The upper wings are bright blue and yellow. When the wings are closed, however, the undersides appear dark brown like a fallen leaf.

Characteristics: Orange Oakleaf is like a ninja. When it perches on a branch with its wings closed, it is almost invisible as it resembles a dried leaf. To avoid predators, it can remain motionless on the tree or among fallen leaves for a whole day. It surely is the butterfly with the greatest endurance.

The most poisonous butterfly - Yellow Coaster (Acraea issoria) 

Appearance: The wings are mainly orange with black marks.

Characteristics: Yellow Coaster fly slowly, yet you be wrong if you think it is easy to catch them. When disturbed, they release toxic liquid. The caterpillars often live in groups. 

The choosiest butterfly - White Dragontail (Lamproptera curius)

Appearance: It has a translucent wings and long wing tails, like a gentleman in a black swallow-tailed coat.

Characteristics: Its caterpillars are highly choosy when it comes to their food: they feed only on the leaves of Illigera species. White Dragontail is the smallest swallowtail in the world. It is under Second Class State Protection in China. It flies rather like a dragonfly. 



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